"Young Beck" looks a lot like Jack White lol

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Found Beck’s old website journals from 2003.

My favorite entry:
“we played a radio show in boston. a radio show is one of those concerts put together by the local radio station to promote the station and the bands on their playlist. most of the bands were pretty aggressive, on the punk metal tip. a few came to tell me they saw me play when they were 13 or they used to listen to me in the 5th grade or something. I thanked them, reached for my walker and plodded along down to the shuffle board court.

you are usually thrown onstage in these situations without any preparation. its something akin to trying to light a candle in a wind tunnel. I think we might have freaked some people out with our white shoes, tight pants and gyrations. there was a stronghold of backwards baseball cap jocks in the front giving me the finger continuously. it was like they were holding a testosterone vigil with their fingers to our compromised manhood. “

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Last night, Beck didn’t just get the “Colbert bump”: he also got a hug. Replay the singer-songwriter’s very funny appearance on The Colbert Report, during which Stephen made fun of his clothes and asked, “Why Beck sad?”. Oh, yeah: Beck performed two songs, too.



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this kid makes me think of jarvis cocker tbh

yo i have this saved to computer as lil jarvis cocker no lie ive had it for like weeks

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